Services Provided

Private Equity

Aurora is able to ensure that a company has been optimally structured before a search for private equity investment is sought.  We will dig into the company to ensure that there are no due diligence issues and the financials are in their best condition. We will provide a professional for all companies from startups to mature businesses.  Once we have optimised the business for an investor, we will help provide the investment documentation and help search for a complimentary investor.

Corporate Finance

Our small but effective corporate finance team has many years of practical experience  drawn from corporate finance practices, industry and investment banking. We aim to maximise the company's value whilst minimising the company’s financial risk. With our experienced team we will be able to provide a detailed analysis of a company’s position and focus on a tailored approach to reaching the management’s goals. Aurora can also seek to identify acquisition targets to promote the growth of its clients as well as find corporate purchasers if a client is looking to sell a division or business.

Business Development

We aim to meet the demands of our clients with creative and intelligent solutions and we understand the need for immediate action. Typically, after a full review of your business, we will recommend a course of action to create an optimised and investable business in preparation for presentation to investors. For early stage businesses we work with capital providers, venture capitalists and private equity clients to provide critical funding for this initial phase. For medium sized businesses we will provide appropriate financing to fund expansion and acquisition. For larger companies we provide acquisition targets and capital raising services. For turnaround companies we can supply private investor funding looking for investment opportunities as well as a tailored restructuring service. Companies in financial distress need a quick solution to prevent business value deterioration, Aurora Partners is well placed to meet these demands.